My Parents Greenhouse

The greenhouse is an essential part to every garden. Todays post is all about my parents greenhouse. They live on a large section so have plenty of room for a decent sized greenhouse.  Every time I pop around for a visit its full of many different and new plants. As you can see in my Youtube Video its always pretty full!

One of my goals in life is to one day own a piece of land of my own to create a huge vegetable & flower garden of my own and in it I aspire to put a large greenhouse.

Greenhouses are handy in many ways.  They provide a growing space for established plants to thrive and take shelter over the cold winter months, and a place for new seedlings to sprout and get a solid start to life.

Looking through my parents greenhouse gives me enough of a thrill until I can own one of my own.  I often take a few cuttings/seedlings from here for my own garden.  The last thing I took were some hollyhock seedlings which are now blossoming and over 3meters tall!

My mum loves to fill it up with all sorts of different orchids.  They have become her new favourite plant to try and re-flower as often they don’t. You buy them with a beautiful stem of flowers, it dies and then it never re-flowers.

They quite often plant out seedlings from here into the rest of their garden.  This includes vegetables and other kinds of trees.  A few plants hang from the ceiling of their greenhouse also.

They purchased their greenhouse from a store called Arthurs in Onehunga, a city of Auckland here in NZ.  They make many different sized greenhouses for a fairly reasonable price.

Thanks for joining me here on my blog again and if you haven’t already, do check out my Youtube Channel for the video on my parents greenhouse and leave a comment if you would like me to do an update video on it in the future!

Also let me know if you feel like anything is missing from my blog posts or if the amount of content is just right.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you here again soon! Bye for now ☺️

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