Song of the NZ Tui

Todays post is a little step away from gardening.  I wish to share with you one of my favourite birds here in New Zealand, called the Tui.

The Tui is native to NZ and is easily identifiable by the little white tuff of feathers under its chin.

They are also identifiable by their wide range of calls and songs.  Each individual has a unique call that combines high & low notes, clicks, cackles, creaks, groans and wheezing sounds.  They even create sounds beyond the human register!

I can’t even tell you what a pleasure it is to wake up in the morning to the song of a Tui. Something I remember doing back in my childhood so its really nostalgic for me.  Its super rare to actually see a Tui performing its many calls as they are often heard before being seen. Hence why I wanted to share this footage with you.

We saw this tui at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua.  I have tried to film one around our house many times and failed miserably. However I did take the above photograph myself.  Lucky shot! I think they have claimed this beautiful blossom tree as theirs own to feed from (they drink the nectar by the way). The male in the picture was super defensive of his turf.

I hope you enjoy this video I created and posted to my Youtube Channel and fall in love with their song just as much as I have.

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