Organising My Seed Collection

Todays post is about how I decided to organise my small seed collection and which products I decided to use.

Before I organised my seeds, they were stored in many different tins, making it a pain in the (you know what) to find anything.

I decided to set them up so it would be much easier to  find what I needed. This also made it way more enjoyable when it came time to sow something.

I did a ton of research into what would be the best way to organise them before I began. I stumbled upon these perfect little shelves on a NZ website called Trade Me, however I will insert a link to a similar set on

Once the drawers arrived at my doorstep, I started to organise my seeds. I layed them out and   organised them by type, alphabetical order and put the oldest packets on top so I could use those first.

Then I popped them into the draws.  Simple as that!  Check the youtube video I created and watch me set everything up 🙂


Let me know your thoughts on my seed collection organisation.  If you have a cool idea about how to store/organise your seeds, leave me a comment below!



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