From Caterpillar to Butterfly (March 2017)

Welcome to the first ever post on my website!

I am super proud to present these real time videos of a monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis, and then hatching into a butterfly!  These videos taking a lot effort (and patience) to try and capture. I was stoked when I finally managed it!

Both of these videos were from the same season back in 2017. I am planning on making videos like these every season to come!

It’s such a magical process to watch. One moment its a caterpillar, come back a few minutes later and its a chrysalis.  How perfect!

I love having swan plants in my back yard.  It is super rewarding to watch a monarch lay her eggs, watch the caterpillars wreck your plants, crawl away, turn into chrysalis and then hatch and fly away! Knowing that you have helped this process, simply by planting a little plant, is awesome.

I hope to create many more posts all about Swan Plants, Caterpillars, Monarch Butterflies and their very interesting life cycles, and I hope you enjoy these videos!  Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you can get updates and new videos.

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