Welcome to GrowingGreenNZ.com!
Your average home gardener here, writing all about different aspects of gardening including growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and more!

All posts will be based around my garden at home and my journey towards making it successful. Hopefully my experiences can help you out and make your garden successful too! 

I also have a Youtube Channel that I upload videos to, so check out the links in my Blog posts.

I have many things to write about.  Some of which are based around Youtube videos and others may be posted to this website only.  There are recipes to share, growing tips to give and many other neat ideas for your gardens make sure you stay a while and take a good look around.

Experimenting is also my thing as I love the process of trial and error. That is how you learn after all!

I love creating garden DIYS so stay tuned if you love those and we can learn how to create neat things for our gardens together!

Currently in the process of creating this website and all my other social media pages so bare with me as I may not post a lot until everything is sorted out.

Youtube:  GrowingGreen

Instagram: growinggreennz

I hope you will enjoy reading all about my different experiences as I strive to create a healthy and happy garden.